Wraptors franchise system is based on the proven success of an existing HQ based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, specialized in the field of car wrapping, paint protection, car styling, window tinting and design digital printing. The great advantage of franchise is that likelihood of failure is very low, unlike in other usual types of business. Therefore, market entry is faster, smoother and low-risk with a renowned brand name that Wraptors gained in the course of 5+ years, based on integrity, reliability, expertise, passion and attention to detail.


Wraptors has become a trustworthy provider thanks to a reputation built upon high-quality service, support, dedication and elaborate system applied across the entire Wraptors community. Comprehensive training is focused on all the aspects we come across daily in our beautiful industry. Our franchisees may rely on our know-how, expertise, complexity, and hard work reflected in support which is key while building your name on the market. Moreover, presence builds credibility with the audience which no other wrapping franchise system offers. Besides, experience shared with all the existing outlets is priceless, because there is no challenge we cannot overcome with mutual effort. With a professional and innovative approach to our craft, technology advancement, Wraptors offers a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolio. Join Wraptors and start making your own history.


Wraptors offers car wrapping that has become a core for the entire range of services offered. We have been growing the number of wrapped cars every year. Along with wrapping, window tinting used to be a pioneer in the field of car wrapping. Xero film is a high-end product exclusively installed in Wraptors shops. Often asked and popular service is paint protection. Our partners are using an exclusive product line.

Our flagship service is graphic design and digital printing that has gained a renown throughout the years. With hundreds of designs so far and precision the design is being created with, we have carved out a niche in the field of car design.


1081 Meyerside Dr Unit 1-2,
Mississauga, ON L5T 1M4
647.620.WRAP (9727)